We only have what we give!

Let’s not be indifferent. Let us transform the impossible into the possible. Let’s believe, and help them believe that the sun warms everyone equally.

Families in Needin Extreme Financial Need

The establishment of our foundation adopted a policy to stand by the families living in extreme financial need and the entire activity of the foundation is aimed at the realization of the project.

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Large FamiliesOne Light One Hope

One of the key goals of our foundation is to help large families. It’s great to have many children in Armenian families. They are the future mothers and solders.

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SoldiarsGlory & Honor

Glory and honor to our sons who fought and defended the borders of our country sacrificing their own lives for its freedom.

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Disabled ChildrenLet’s not be indifferent

Children are diamonds in every human’s life. Children make us become kinder, happier, more honest and conscientious. We become children with them; our lives are filled with new spirit, light and hope.

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