Board Members

Roman Khudagulyan CEO/Director

Roman Khudagulyan organized this non profit organization since his father was a wounded veteran of the Armenian Republic Army. Growing up in a neighborhood with other wounded veterans, Roman promised himself that when he was able to help others he would form an organization to help wounded veteran families in need of food, wheelchair and toys for children.


Yughanna Khachatryan Director

Yughanna Khachatryan graduated from Armenian State Agrarian University with a Master degree in hydro-engineering. is currently a PhD student. Worked at Armenian State Agrarian university as a junior specialist in agrarian-eco systems.
Yughanna Khachatryan was the founder and the chairperson of a Youth Organization. Her duties included coordinating trainings, workshops and various projects for youth and volunteers in Municipal City limits.
Certified in NATO program for education “Friendship between specialists Armenia and Azerbaijan” Tbilisi, Georgia 2006-2008.
2003-2009 elected as a member of City Council in the Aramus village City Hall.
Certified of Outstanding Educational Leadership Award, Delft, The Netherlands, 2008
Certified of International Visitor Leadership program, Washington DC, 2009
Certified of Tailor made Course on Water Resource Management in Agri – ecosystems UNESCO – IHE institute for Hydro Engineering, Delft, The Netherlands, 2008. Aschairperson of Youth Association of Armenia she introduced Armenian youth in the seminars on out of country ( Russia, Georgia. Ukraine, Belgium, Austria etc.)
Yughanna Khachatryan was a Campaign member for the 2012-2013 City of Los Angeles Council Member and Mayor candidates.


Vahagn Gevorgyan CFO

Vahagn Gevorgyan has been an insurance agent for over 7 years. He is involved with helping Armenian families in Armenia by donating money and toys every year during Christmas holidays.

Lilit Aghababyan

Lilit Aghababyan was graduated from Yerevan State Conservatoire with Master’s Degree of Arts and California State University of Los Angeles with Second Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science. She has started her career in public services at the local government level where she often came into contact with public and community leaders. Her communication skills and ability to make decisions help her to become a part of Lutheran Social Services Community Care Center in West Los Angeles. Her knowledges help her to be a strong team player in LSS to fundraise for needy people to make difference in their lives. She has actively participated with Armenian Community in Los Angeles by writing researches and articles about Armenian Question. Her works were noticeable and printed in journals and magazines. She took part in International Conferences regarding political issues.


Oganes Chimayan Director

Oganes Jay Chimayan is a Registered Tax Preparer governed by California Tax Education Council (CTEC) with over 14 years of small business tax and accounting experience. He also holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Accountancy from California State University, Northridge (CSUN).
Prior to forming My Accounting Center Inc in 2006 as a bookkeeping and payroll company, Jay worked for a reputable Glendale based accounting firm for 6 years. While working for the firm, Jay implemented new services such as Accountable Reimbursement Plan (ARP), Entity Compliance, Monthly Meeting Write Up, and HR Services that grew the company list of services and impacted the bottom line.


Edgar Hayrapetyan

Edgar Hayrapetyan was born in Armenia Yerevan, with honor graduated Armenian State Pedagogical University, has Master’s degree in Jurisprudence, Constitutional Law Specialist, (Qualification from Austria Vienna)
Took part in multiple conferences and symposiums. Edgar Hayrapetyan is very well known and respected community activists, he has been recognized by many NGO’s, organizations, individuals, including Human Rights Campaign (HRC), Congressmen Adam Schiff, Mayor of Glendale and others, for his dedication to Armenian community and supporting human and minority rights all over the world.
Edgar Hayrapetyan currently lives in Los Angeles CA and during his everyday  life continues to make this world better place to live for all of us !